ThetaBreathwork & Meditation


Now in one click, on your pocket for a everyday of release, inspiration, intuitive actions, connection with self, others and source, and much more. 


1 ThetaBreathwork™ recorded session + 6 guided meditations


What is this about?


This is your wellness pocket package so you can centre and align yourself everyday - at any time.

I encourage you to use it to start your day and if you want before bed too. (Except for the ThetaBreathwork™ session I would encourage just in the morning)


Getting this Wellness Packet Package, you will have access to:

  • 1 ThetaBreathwork Recorded Session about Release & Flow;
  • 6 guided meditations themed:
    • Love &Gratitude
    • Body & Emotions
    • Intuition & Year Vision
    • Presence & Trust & Patience
    • Subconscious Room
    • Body Awareness Healing
I am ready!

What a few clients have to say about it:


Shelby Sanderford

CEO & Founder, DOCPACE


"The enlightening Ah-Ha's that come from this work and practice are incredibly powerful. For me, every session opens space for a new shift, which come in many forms... clarity... release... enlightenment... understanding... peace... awakening. With each shift I feel more deeply connected to my true self. (...) I've always struggled to "get into the practice" and a truly meditative state UNTIL I started practicing with Bea. I literally count down the minutes until her meditation starts."

Jakub Szrodt

Creative / Entrepreneur


"Wow! This was so powerful! Beatriz brought me within a few minutes to a state where I got out of so much clarity and power. I woke up as If I was gone a few months on a personal quest, more ready than ever to live up to my full potential! A MUST try!"

Cody Jefferson



"It was an experience unlike any other I’ve taken part in. I’ve done guided meditation, but this was different. It was like I was asleep, but I wasn’t. At the end of our session, there was a euphoric clarity and peace that I’ve not found in breathwork or meditation alone. If you are looking to cultivate peace, ease and clarity in the subconscious, Bea will guide you in a way that cannot be easily put into words. Her facilitation and unique way of leading you into a hypnotized state through breathwork and guided meditation is unlike anything you’ve experienced. I cannot recommend her enough."

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