Do you want a new relationship with yourself, your thoughts and feelings?

If you are a “busy mind” person, or have been too stressed and anxious, or have a hard time controlling your feelings, emotions and everything around you... 

THIS IS THE RIGHT CHALLENGE to shift your mindset,
limiting beliefs and your perspective about meditation.

This challenge invites you to

unfold what is divine within you.

It will invite new beginnings, purity and presence into your life.
This is your opportunity to find the infinite potential
for enlightenment from your heart.


What is this about?

7 DAYS...

  • to the beginning of an exciting journey
  • to increase your right brain side activity
  • to stimulate a different perception of life
  • to be fully present in life
  • to reduce your fears, anxiety and stress
  • to reduce body pain
  • to unblock creativity
  • of self care and self love
A combination of mindset work and meditation to create a more fulfilled life and help in your meditation habit.
This is a 7 day challenge because most of the people tend to give up on their good habits on the weekend and I want to support you through the whole week cycle Monday to Sunday.

Who can benefit from it?


Everybody who…

  • Has never meditated before and is willing to try or,
  • ​Has already meditated before but couldn’t make this a routine
  • ​Have meditation as a routine practice,
  • ​Has a busy mind or doesn’t know how to do it,
  • ​Has a hard time to control your emotions
  • ​Is open to connecting with a community of open minded people,
  • Want to learn new meditation and mindset techniques,
  • ​Want to create a higher energy for yourself and others around you.


Here is the perfect opportunity to shift your perspective of this limiting belief that I used to have as well.


"Meditating with Bea was the first time I not only truly enjoyed the experience and stayed "focused" in being in the moment, but I truly felt beautifully refreshed after. (...) Also, doing the meditation live had a whole different feeling compared to just listening to a recording. Loved every minute. Bea's natural ability to make you feel calm, safe, and connected is unmatched."

Mary-Theresa Tringale
37, Accountability Coach, Founder of the Aligned & Empowered Project. Portland, ME, USA

"When I met Bea and began her 30 minute meditations, I began to see a whole new light. Not only does she make it so incredibly attainable to be present with both her voice and breathing exercises, she also adds in amazing visualizations. The visualizations combined with allowing myself to breathe and be aware in the present moment have changed my whole presence and my ability to have the tools to calm myself when needed. Every time I leave a session with her, I feel like a new, refreshed version of myself."

Jordyn Hechter
22, Health and Wellness Coach, San Diego, CA, USA

"Bea has empowered me to shift my mindset of fears and anxiety's I've had for a long time. She allows you to challenge your preconceived beliefs, and break through with a new outlook on the challenges you're looking to overcome. Her meditation during the beginning of our growth mindset calls allows you to be open and free of any anxieties you may have, making the sessions all the more powerful."

Spike Hayden
29, Sales Director at Betterworks. New York, NY, USA.

"The enlightening Ah-Ha's that come from this work and practice are incredibly powerful. For me, every session opens space for a new shift, which come in many forms... clarity... release... enlightenment... understanding... peace... awakening. With each shift I feel more deeply connected to my true self. (...) I've always struggled to "get into the practice" and a truly meditative state UNTIL I started practicing with Bea. I literally count down the minutes until her meditation starts."

Shelby Sanderford
28, CEO & Founder, DOCPACE. New Orleans, LA, USA



7 recorded guided meditation

Powerful community
of open minded people


Exercises and tools available for your own personal growth journey

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Meet your coach Bea


After working for almost 10 years as a marketing professional in the cosmetic and personal growth industry, I have experienced leadership programs and worked with direct sales training, innovation, funnel sales and more; I’ve decided to listen to my heart and become a mentor and a coach.

When I was 12, I used to write guided meditations for some close friends and called it “Relaxation Sessions”. It wasn't until I was 25 that I started integrating meditation into my daily routine.

In 2019, I moved to Malaysia to work with Mindvalley and in the beginning of 2020, I decided to take my life to the next level. I quit my corporate job, created my own transformational program and a guided meditation program for people all around the world.

I am the happiest I've ever been because I took the action you have been waiting for. It is now your time to step into your next level.