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About ThetaBreathwork

Thetabreathwork‚ĄĘ¬† combines rhythmic breathing with meditations, hypnosis,¬†mind-management questioning and evocative music to rewire and reprogram your brain so that you can transmute your limitations and¬† accelerate your life‚Äôs mission. Check out the video to know more about how it works and a bit of the science behind ThetaBreathwork‚ĄĘ.
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What clients say...

Jakub Szrodt

"Wow! This was so powerful! ThetaBreathwork™  brought me within a few minutes to a state where I got out of so much clarity and power. I woke up as If I was gone a few months on a personal quest, more ready than ever to live up to my full potential! A MUST try!"

Shelby Sanderford

"I've never experienced anything quite like ThetaBreathwork™. The combination of breathe, sound, and imagery guidance is powerful beyond explanation. The ability to surface the inner-workings of the subconscious mind in a matter of minutes is brilliant."

Cory Camp

"Thetabreathwork™ is a 12/10 experience. It serves as a great guide for your intuition finally be heard in a loud and busy world. It's not easy to slow down and take the time to breath, let alone uncover & break subconscious blocks, but Bea helps you do just that."

Victoria Daly

"I was able to release negative and toxic energy and thoughts through inhaling oxygen and exhaling all the “bad” that has been consuming my thoughts. Bea’s spirit and relatability is contagious and I would recommend her sessions to all those who need kickstart."

ThetaBreathwork‚ĄĘ Membership

Our membership allows you to experience ThetaBreathwork‚ĄĘ wherever and whenever you want.¬† You will have the best online resources to support you in your every-day practice and keep you connected to your best self.

(4x) WEEKLY Live Sessions

Join us for #ThetaThursdays:¬†A ThetaBreathwork‚ĄĘ¬†Live Session on Zoom every week to work on a theme you get to choose with¬†your community of like-minded peeps.

All Previous Recordings

As a member you get access to all previous sessions recordings. There is a variety of themes to meet you current needs - Manifestation, Release and Heal, Purpose, Flow State & Create, and many others.

Meditation Library

You will also get access to more than 15 powerful meditations including ThetaHealing Meditations, 6-phase Meditation, and a variety of other themes available for you.

(4x) WEEKLY 
Meditation Call

Every Monday we have a Live Session on Zoom to ground ourselves, connect with our beautiful community, and get clear on the intention for the week ahead. It is a great space to share your personal challenges and get support from Bea and the group.

What can you expect from breathwork?


Can you imagine having a tool to instantly reconnect with yourself, your intuition, and your soul’s wisdom?

The only thing that can truly help you find the answers you seek, especially (but not only) when we are talking about life purpose, is learning to tap into your intuition, stepping into the best version of yourself and allowing the answers within come to the surface naturally. 

No one has better answers for you than yourself. Not your friends, not your love partner, not your family, not your therapist, nor any business or life specialist. It's YOU. You are the one who has the answers you need. They are all inside you, and all you have to do is figure out how to access the part of you that is eager to see you thrive in life. 

That means not all parts of your being are helping you move forward. I am sure you know what I am talking about here.. Have you ever caught yourself sabotaging your plans, or heard your thoughts telling you pretty nasty things about you? Like you are not worthy or don't have what it takes to succeed? We all struggle with that.

Those parts of us are there to protect us, but they get in¬†our way and they must be shut down sometimes. There is a way for you to quiet down those loud thoughts so that you can hear the other parts of you that actually can help you see clearly, acknowledge your own worth and get the confidence and motivation you need to move forward. It is called ThetaBreathwork‚ĄĘ.¬†

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"You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time. Breathe. Let the worry go. Breathe. Allow the love and intuition in."

- Sonia Choquette - 

I Allow the Intuition In

How does breathwork work?


If you want a massive transformation in your life, ThetaBreathwork‚ĄĘ is for you. We could say that ThetaBreathwork is¬†a new healing technique, but¬†actually it is more of an experience.¬†In one session, you will¬†be guided¬†through a journey comprised of 6 stages:¬†


Most of us live a pretty chaotic life. We jump from one thing to the next in a rushed state, or let ourselves get lost in distractions and busywork. So this first stage is all about grounding and anchoring you to break this "rush syndrome" and allow you to be present in your body and bring awareness to what is going on deep inside your mind.


As you became more present, you can acknowledge your emotions. If you are feeling stressed, anxious or any other intense and unpleasant feelings, you will release them through powerful and intentional breathing. In this stage, you may feel like crying, and that is perfect too. Just let it all go! You will feel relieved and lighter afterwards.


After finding emotional balance, it’s time to focus on your mind and what you unconsciously think about yourself. You may get flashbacks and memories to help you will identify limiting beliefs and where they came from, so you can rewire your subconscious mind and break free from negative patterns and receive empowering downloads.


When you get in tune with the right emotions and the right thoughts, your energetic vibration raises and that opens you mind open to come up with new ideas and solutions. It feels like the smokescreen has gone out of your way, and now you can see a thousand possibilities, receive new insights, and visualize everything you can create in your life.


It’s hard to find motivation in uncertainty. During this stage, you will be able to boost your energy and motivation because now you can see clearly your next steps and know what path to follow. Consequently, you will feel more inspired and confident to move forward. You may feel like dancing and shaking your body to allow the energy to flow.


This last stage will slowly get you back to the world. You will experience a feeling of peace, calm and relaxation. It is a great time to journaling your biggest takeaways. In the end of this journey, you will be recharged and reconnected to your higher self and will be able to life in alignment to your truth and purpose.


Life happens and maybe along the way you get disconnected again, or you realize there are still limiting beliefs blocking you, or your mind gets too cluttered and you may lose your sense of direction. In those cases,  you can always go back to stage one and do another ThetaBreathwork™ session! 

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Hi, I'm Bea! 


Let me share with you my story... A few years ago I felt like there was missing purpose in my life, and I said goodbye to my corporate job in Brazil to travel the world and embark on a journey of self-discovery. I was not going to settle for less and knew that I deserved to live a life of achievement and meaning. I just had to have the courage to make a change. 

I started looking for ways to connect with my intuition to get answers. During this time, I came across a variety of healing techniques, such as ThetaHealing, Hypnosis, Meditation, and I even got certified in Mindset Coach. All those techniques contributed in some way to my discovery, but it wasn't until I experimented combining all techniques that I could truly transform myself, grow into the person I was meant to be and finally find and live my true purpose.

When I realized the massive transformative power of this new experience, I founded ThetaBreathwork™ and made it my mission to share this technique all around the world with as many people as possible so they could find and live their soul's missions. 

Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be to feel like it is missing purpose in life, but it doesn't have to be this way and the transformation is way easier and more accessible than you can possibly imagine!

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The TRUTH About Finding and Living Your Soul's Mission


Let me ask you a question...

Are you happy with how your life is turning out? Are you satisfied with your achievements and levels of self-esteem and confidence?

Have you ever asked yourself.. "Why is it so hard to figure out how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life? What am I supposed to do, and what is my soul's purpose here? Why doesn't the Universe or God just give me a sign and a clear sense of direction?"

What if I told you there’s ONE thing, just ONE thing, that can help you to change your current situation?

Imagine this… what if you suddenly became the person you are meant to be and made a great living doing what you love and using your gifts to serve others? What if you were able to attract, create and live the most extraordinary life you ever imagined?

I Want to Do What I Love for a Living


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

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