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About us

We believe that every single human being is special and has a unique mission to fulfill in life. Ours, is to help you to grow and expand in your purpose by giving you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward with your purpose feeling joyful and motivated.

Thetabreathwork is a highly effective tool to transmute your heart's and mind's limitations into empowering beliefs and emotions. As you go through the session you may have flashbacks or memories meant to give you clear messages about what is next, which will boost your energy and attract abundance in your life.

We promisse you, Thetabreathwork is nothing like you've ever exeperienced before. It is a MUST try!

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Accelerate your life's mission 

ThetaBreathwork is designed to help you to turn away from distracting beliefs that distort your self-perception and keep you from moving forward in life. In just one session, you will unlock your power and access your higher self so you can start living up to your true potential.

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What clients say

Nikki Norenberg

"ThetaBreathwork always invites this sense of purpose and action into my bones where I leave literally feeling a transformed version of myself,"

Jakub Szrodt

"It brought me within a few minutes to a state where I got so much clarity and power. I feel more ready than ever to live up to my full potential!"

Mary-Theresa Tringale

"ThetaBreathwork helped me move through blocks to abundance and inspired action to create. I feel lighter and more energized for my day."

Katie Porras

"Thetabreathwork went deep into my soul and I was given answers far beyond my initial intentions for healing and guidance."

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Resources for every stage of self-discovery.


Join us live in the first day of the month to work on a theme you get to choose with the community and get access to all previous sessions

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Single Sessions

Find in our library the right session for your current goal - Heal & Release; Manifesting; Purpose; Flow & Create; and many others.

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Private Program

Personalized one-to-one sessions combined with a powerful mindset coaching to work on your specific needs and goals.

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Certification Training

Learn how to curate a breakthrough experience for your clients, and community, and facilitate transformational ThetaBreathwork™ sessions

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If you have a business, contact us for corporate options: 

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Meet the Founder

 Beatriz Boas


Bea's always been an enthusiastic about getting to know people on a deeper level and helping them to reconnect with their essence.

In her personal quest of seeking purpose in life, she experienced a variety of healing techniques. Although all of them contributed in some way to her journey, she always felt like there was a missing piece.

She felt inspired to combine different techniques, such as ThetaHealing, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Mindset Coaching, Meditation and others in a attempt to fulfill that integration gap she identified in these techniques separately.

This gave birth to a whole new experience with a massive transformative power, what we know today as ThetaBreathwork™.

Bea has made ThetaBreathwork™  her life's mission, and she is committed to sharing this technique all around the world, to as many people as possible.

Meet your Coaches

Beatriz Boas

ThetaBreathwork™ Founder 

Amanda Odgers

Life Coach

Mindset Coaching around limiting beliefs & Healing the mind, body, and spirit.


Tahis Blue

Wholistic Fitness Coach Coach

Nervous System Regulation, Uncovering mental blocks, Revealing Future Self Aspirations, Affirming and Manifesting our dreams and goals


Zach Donahue

Fitness and Mental Skills Coach

Manifestation, growth, corporate wellness, stress


Rachel Doyle

Gut Health Dietitian

Gut Healing & Nervous System Regulation


Nathalia M. Casanova

Corporate Wellness Coach

Coaching on letting go of limiting beliefs, connecting to your purpose, getting clarity on goals


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