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Become a TB™ Certified Coach and Impact your Clients, Community, and Networking with the new cutting-edge method that unleashes your power and confidence within.


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Unleash your performance & finally live in a constant state of confidence and freedom with ThetaBreathwork™.


Design a fulfilling career that impacts and serves the human evolution

This Training is for you if…
  • You absolutely love waking up every day with the freedom to call the shots on how you want to work and the fulfillment of using your gifts to create a life-transforming impact for others.
  • You have a strong desire to help clients and community develop Emotional/Nervous System Regulation and Mental Clarity 
  • You are a Coach, Therapist, Dietitian, Personal Trainer, or Health & Wellness Advocate that wants to work with clients using a effective new cutting-edge method that regulates your nervous system and transmute limitation into ownership.
  • You want to have deeper understanding of your own limitations and the framework to regulate yourself along with coregulating with clients.
  • You want to learn how to work with 1:1 Clients, Groups, Retreats, Events and Corporate.
  • You are looking to learn how to serve your clients in both an Online and In-Person Setting.

Imagine creating results like these with your clients:


What certified coaches say about this training >


Be a safe experience for human beings to transmute limitations into empowerment, lack of vision into clarity, and the barriers of yourself into freedom, so that you can receive the ideas, insights, and guidance needed to easily move forward in YOUR life’s mission.


Are you doubting yourself and the desires and dreams to create a fulfilled life with freedom, joy, gratitude, genuine connections, and a deep sense of belonging?

Whether you are already chasing the freedom and passionate lifestyle as a coach, yoga teacher, healer, dietitian, wellness practitioner (or a role that allows you to work from paradise), creating amazing experience for clients and your community, but you're not quite earning enough to keep fear at bay…

Or, you are not quite clear what you really want in life, working in a job that doesn’t fulfil you, in environments and relationships that doesn’t uplift you

It can be overwhelming, lonely, frustrating and soul-crushing – especially when you know you’re made for much more.

I promise you…


Whether you dream of more time and experiences with loved ones, the freedom to travel, or the ability to make a positive impact in the world… It is ALL possible. 

You are worthy of a better, more authentic, fulfilled life while helping others to thrive too. 

You must follow your inner wisdom and the part of you that KNOWS that you are designed to create whatever you desire and dream of while serving others to a deeper connection

And honestly… Sharing the magic of Thetabreathwork™ with others is one of the most freeing, exciting, and joyful careers you can possibly lead. Learning how to integrate it into your current practice will be a game changer in your services, and the transformation that you’re able to support your clients in.

That’s why, if you want to create freedom in every way and make a positive impact in the world, our ThetaBreathwork™ Practioner Certification is for you.

Whether you’ve already attended in another healing modality, or you’ve never trained in coaching, our certification provides everything you need to start an impactful career in the booming wellness industry, and help others thrive, too


Are you ready to follow the fire in your gut and serve the world in alignment with your life-mission?


What you’ll learn


Understand the different types of Breathworks, breathing exercises and what is different in Thetabreathwork™. You will be trained with a toolbox of the most effective and advanced techniques to create massive transformation to your clients and community. You will understand the application of different breathing exercises, when to use the right one and when to not use it.

You’ll have the skills to prepare your clients to go deeper with powerful sessions for a more safe and therapeutic experience.

ThetaHealing / Meditation / Visualization

You’ll learn how to guide your clients to a theta state, where they will feel very relaxed, present and in flow with life within a few minutes. Your clients and community will fall in love with your guidance and experience, even if they’ve struggled with meditation and visualization practices. You’ll also learn why and how ThetaHealing has healed thousands of people of physical illness and pain.

NLP & Hypnotherapy

You’ll learn how to “plant the seeds” and install empowering beliefs and affirmations, reprogramming your and your client’s subconscious for a more confident and joyful life so then they can make the changes and achieve the goals they desire in their life.

Mindset Coaching

You’ll get training to help your clients develop mindset shifts that most teachers, practitioners and coaches can’t do themselves. You’ll learn how to ask deeper and more meaningful questions so you can extract the best of each soul that touches your life

Music Therapy

You’ll learn the curation and creation of the musics and playlists on how to access deeper and more transformational experiences for your clients and community. You’ll learn how to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of a group or individual through the playlist you will create.



  • How to Regulate the Nervous System  
  • An In-Depth Understanding of The Body, Breathing and Mind.
  • Self Practices To Align Yourself as a Practitioner
  • How to Hold a Safe Space
  • How to active listen and understand the subconscious beliefs underlying your clients conversation
  • How to hold 1:1 sessions, groups and Zoom sessions
  • How to guide online and in person
  • How to integrate this technique to work with your Ideal Clients, Corporate Wellness, Groups and Retreats. 
  • How to integrate coaching with breathwork and wellness practices
  • Mind-management Coaching
  • Guided Vocal Cueing
  • NLP and Hypnotherapy associated with Breathwork and Visualization
  • The Structure of starting a Thriving Breathwork Business
  • Experiencing and Q&A with the Founder and others experts
  • Live Feedback and Practice Sessions

Why choose this certification?


The ThetaBreathwork™ Certification is a comprehensive training and mentorship program for new facilitators looking to kickstart a career in one of the fastest-growing industries, and professional coaches and wellness practitioners who want to have the knowledge of a new cutting-edge method that generates powerful results for  your clients on a subconscious and somatic level….. we’re talking mind, body and soul here…

This training teaches foundational methodology and skills needed to curate a breakthrough experience for your clients, and community, and facilitate transformational ThetaBreathwork™ sessions.

It is built off scientifically-proven methods, including breathwork, meditation, mindset coaching, thetahealing, and hypnosis techniques, along with our own way to create music therapy.

In just 1 month, you can become a certified ThetaBreathwork™ Coach and begin sharing what you’ve learned with large communities. At the end of this training, you will then be able to facilitate some of the most powerful sessions your clients and community could’ve ever experienced.

The Curriculum

The ThetaBreathwork™ practitioner certification will be delivered 100% online & is led by Beatriz Boas, the founder, and other experts of this industry.
Part 1: Self Mastery / Personal Exploration

One of the biggest mistakes new facilitators make is not taking the time to experience being a student of their practice. That’s why in the ThetaBreathwork™  we begin the training in the shoes of a student. We will focus on your personal empowerment and self reflection. We believe that the most successful facilitators are the ones who embody the practices they coach. You will be led through a personal journey to explore the shadows and lightness of who you are and who you are becoming as a facilitator.

Part 2: First Immersion / Get Ready to practice

The FIRST Intensive Immersion will take place online (zoom) for 4 days in a row where you will have Bea Boas, our founder, teaching all you need to know to start facilitating a session. In this Intensive Immersion you will also have other coaches, leaders and practitioners coming live to teach you (Guest Speakers and Leaders in the field). This part of the program will go through the fundamentals of breathwork, Meditation, Hypnosis, NLP, Mindset Coaching and much more. Upon completion of the 4 day virtual immersion, you will have everything you need to begin to easily and effectively facilitate ThetaBreathwork™.

Part 3: The Practicum / Hands On Client

The time to practice began. This portion of the program is designed to assist you with gaining hands on client experience.  You will have guidance and direction in how to create signature sessions and practice it with clients, groups and etc. It is required that you practice and upload your certification requirements before moving into the next part.

Part 4: Final Immersion Marketing & Expand / GRADUATION + Q&A

We know that sales and marketing is a big part of any business, so as your last final Live Immersion (Full day) you’ll get all the info you need to start your ThetaBreathwork™ practice, either integrating it in your current practice or also starting as a new coach/facilitator. Sales and Marketing don’t need to be complicated and you’ll have the support on this area too. We will finish with a graduation and Q&A so you can move forward feeling clear and excited.


Meet the Founder

 Beatriz Boas


Bea's always been an enthusiastic about getting to know people on a deeper level and helping them to reconnect with their essence.

In her personal quest of seeking purpose in life, she experienced a variety of healing techniques. Although all of them contributed in some way to her journey, she always felt like there was a missing piece.

She felt inspired to combine different techniques, such as ThetaHealing, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Mindset Coaching, Meditation and others in a attempt to fulfill that integration gap she identified in these techniques separately.

This gave birth to a whole new experience with a massive transformative power, what we know today as ThetaBreathwork™.

Bea has made ThetaBreathwork™  her life's mission, and she is committed to sharing this technique all around the world, to as many people as possible.

Your Coaches & Mentors

Jesse Coomer

Author, Breathwork Expert & Founder

Rachel Joy

Success Coach, NLP/Hypnotherapist, Trauma-Informed & TIME Techniques Expert

Nick Pags

Speaker, Mindset Wizard & Retreat Host

Flavia Yoshimura

Master ThetaHealer Therapist & Teacher

Jessica DeRose

Speaker, Bussines Coach & Founder

Beatriz Boas

ThetaBreathwork Creator & Founder

What clients say about ThetaBreathwork™ 

Jakub Szrodt

33, Creative/Entrepreneur.  Poland

"Wow! This was so powerful! ThetaBreathwork™  brought me within a few minutes to a state where I got out of so much clarity and power. I woke up as If I was gone a few months on a personal quest, more ready than ever to live up to my full potential! A MUST try!"

Shelby Sanderford

30, CEO & Founder. LA, USA

"I've never experienced anything quite like ThetaBreathwork™. The combination of breathe, sound, and imagery guidance is powerful beyond explanation. The ability to surface the inner-workings of the subconscious mind in a matter of minutes is brilliant."

Cory Camp

26, Coach. Maryland, USA

"Thetabreathwork™ is a 12/10 experience. It serves as a great guide for your intuition finally be heard in a loud and busy world. It's not easy to slow down and take the time to breath, let alone uncover & break subconscious blocks, but Bea helps you do just that."

Victoria Daly

30, Digital Sales. Connecticut, USA

"I was able to release negative and toxic energy and thoughts through inhaling oxygen and exhaling all the “bad” that has been consuming my thoughts. Bea’s spirit and relatability is contagious and I would recommend her sessions to all those who need kickstart."

Are you ready to embark on a new path?


Our intention throughout the entire process with the ThetaBreathwork™ Certification is to make sure this is the right path for you and for us. We want to get to know you and understand your vision and goals. It’s so important that you choose to join us from a place of alignment.

It needs to feel like a full body “YES!” 

If you have questions and concerns, you can email us at [email protected] Let’s explore your aspirations together and find out if pursuing this path is in your highest alignment.


Still Have Questions?

Check out the FAQs below which should fill in the gaps. If not, don’t worry! The team are here to help. Feel free to email us [email protected] or book a call here.

No More Uncertainty With Our

Risk-Free Guarantee


We get it. Starting something new and going after your dreams can feel like a gamble, especially when it can change the course of your entire life.

We don’t want you to let uncertainty and fear stop you from stepping into your full potential, so we’ve got you covered with a 7-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the training after diving into the materials over the 7 first days, simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll refund 100% of your payment. That way, you can enroll in confidence today, and try it out without any commitment or risk. This is only available for 7 days after you purchase it. After 7 days, we won't proceed with full or partial refunds. If you have questions or concerns, please email us.


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