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Every human being is uniquely gifted to fulfill a singular mission on Earth


All the answers we need are within ourselves and breath is the key to access them


We attract only abundance when we tap into our limitless power of creation

What is ThetaBreathwork?

Thetabreathwork is a groundbreaking technique that combines Breathwork, Meditation, Theta-healing, and Positive Thought all within 20-40 minutes to help you be more creative, grounded, present, motivated, and focused. Through a personalized journey created for you we will unblock confusion, stress, emotional blocks,  fogginess, and much more that you or your team might need. In just one session, we can help you and your team to unlock your power  so you can start living up to your true potential.

Meet Beatriz Boas, Founder


Bea's always been an enthusiastic about getting to know people on a deeper level and helping them to reconnect with their essence.

In her personal quest of seeking purpose in life, she experienced a variety of healing techniques. Although all of them contributed in some way to her journey, she always felt like there was a missing piece.

BeaShe felt inspired to combine different techniques, such as ThetaHealing, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Mindset Coaching, Meditation and others in an attempt to fulfill that integration gap she identified in these techniques separately.

This gave birth to a whole new experience with a massive transformative power, what we know today as ThetaBreathwork™.

Bea has made ThetaBreathwork™ her life's mission, and she is committed to sharing this technique all around the world, to as many people as possible.


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