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"I've never experienced anything quite like ThetaBreathwork. The combination of breathe, sound, and imagery guidance by Bea is powerful beyond explanation. The ability to surface the inner-workings of the subconscious mind in a matter of minutes is brilliant. I am so grateful that Bea introduced me to this work as it has guided me through powerful, life-changing shifts."


Shelby Sanderford
29, CEO & Founder. New Orleans, LA, USA

"Bea is truly a special soul and makes you feel so comfortable, especially in a thetabreathwork type of setting. I was able to release negative and toxic energy and thoughts through inhaling oxygen and exhaling all the “bad” that has been consuming my thoughts. Bea’s spirit and relatability is contagious and I would recommend her sessions to all those who need kickstart."


Victoria Daly
29, Account Executive, Digital Sales. Connecticut, USA

"This was incredible. I felt like I was floating after our call. I felt such a big release and felt so relaxed and peaceful afterwards. I have been struggling to feel hopeful about future relationships, but this session allowed me to picture that and believe that I am worthy of love and that an amazing love is awaiting me. Bea is magical. ❤️"


Carli Gustafson
31, Sales Manager. Milwaukee, WI, USA

"Thetabreathwork with Bea is a 12/10 experience. She serves as a great guide for your intuition finally be heard in a loud and busy world. It's not easy to slow down and take the time to breath, let alone uncover & break subconscious blocks, but Bea helps you do just that in her work."


Cory Camp
26, Coach. Maryland, USA

"This work is truly powerful. I had never practiced breathwork before my session with Bea and honestly felt changed by it. During the session, I started crying, my entire body felt like electricity was coursing through it and afterwards I had so much clarity on not only the problems that were apparent to me but the deeper messages i needed to hear in order to begin healing the deeper wounds and root of what the surface level problems were telling me. If you've ever wanted to tap deeper into your intuition and try breathwork, Bea is your girl! She is such a bright light in this world and truly amazing at what she does."


Kaylee Paquette
24, Mindset & Business Coach. New Hampshire, USA

"It was an experience unlike any other I’ve taken part in. I’ve done guided meditation, but this was different. It was like I was asleep, but I wasn’t. At the end of our session, there was a euphoric clarity and peace that I’ve not found in breathwork or meditation alone. If you are looking to cultivate peace, ease and clarity in the subconscious, Bea will guide you in a way that cannot be easily put into words. Her facilitation and unique way of leading you into a hypnotized state through breathwork and guided meditation is unlike anything you’ve experienced. I cannot recommend her enough."


Cody Jefferson
37, Coach. Oklahoma, USA

"Wow! This was so powerful! Beatriz brought me within a few minutes to a state where I got out of so much clarity and power. I woke up as If I was gone a few months on a personal quest, more ready than ever to live up to my full potential! A MUST try!"


Jakub Szrodt
33, Creative / Entrepreneur. Poland

"This breathwork is life changing. It helped me move through blocks to abundance and gratitude and alignment and inspired action to create. I feel lighter and more energized and excited for my day. Such a powerful incredible experience! Everyone should do this!"


Mary-Theresa Tringale
38, Manager of events and sponsorships AND coach. Portland, ME, USA

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"The enlightening Ah-Ha's that come from this work and practice are incredibly powerful. For me, every session opens space for a new shift, which come in many forms... clarity... release... enlightenment... understanding... peace... awakening. With each shift I feel more deeply connected to my true self. (...) I've always struggled to "get into the practice" and a truly meditative state UNTIL I started practicing with Bea. I literally count down the minutes until her meditation starts."


Shelby Sanderford
28, CEO & Founder, DOCPACE. New Orleans, LA, USA

"Bea has empowered me to shift my mindset of fears and anxiety's I've had for a long time. She allows you to challenge your preconceived beliefs, and break through with a new outlook on the challenges you're looking to overcome. Her meditation during the beginning of our growth mindset calls allows you to be open and free of any anxieties you may have, making the sessions all the more powerful."


Spike Hayden
29, Sales Director at Betterworks. New York, NY, USA.

"When I met Bea and began her 30 minute meditations, I began to see a whole new light. Not only does she make it so incredibly attainable to be present with both her voice and breathing exercises, she also adds in amazing visualizations. The visualizations combined with allowing myself to breathe and be aware in the present moment have changed my whole presence and my ability to have the tools to calm myself when needed. Every time I leave a session with her, I feel like a new, refreshed version of myself."


Jordyn Hechter
22, Health and Wellness Coach, San Diego, CA, USA

"Meditating with Bea was the first time I not only truly enjoyed the experience and stayed "focused" in being in the moment, but I truly felt beautifully refreshed after. (...) Also, doing the meditation live had a whole different feeling compared to just listening to a recording. Loved every minute. Bea's natural ability to make you feel calm, safe, and connected is unmatched."


Mary-Theresa Tringale
37, Accountability Coach, Founder of the Aligned & Empowered Project. Portland, ME, USA

"Since hiring Bea as a mindset and meditation coach, my business has evolved immensely. Her ability to inspire her clients to step outside of their comfort zones is unmatched. Her true care for every client that she works with is the key to her impact. Her guided meditations are powerful enough to take you through a spiritual journey in one session. Her methods of improving mindset are clear, concise, and effective. I can't imagine my business being successful without her."


Nick Paganelli
28, Speaker and Mindset Coach. New York, NY, USA

"Bea empowered me and coached me through seeing some of the most challenging experiences in my life as beautiful opportunities. Her ability to have you see such trying and hard times as a positive is really an incredible and impactful shift. Bea is incredibly supportive, kind and caring, and fully invested in you! She is not only a coach but she is a friend and you always feel how genuine she is and how much she cares. I feel blessed to know her and know that I can always count on her to lift me up and guide me.”


Jill Gulotta
39, Owner of Jill Gulotta, LLC Divorce Coach. New York, NY, USA

"Being guided through meditation with Bea has been a unique experience that has truly impacted the way I go about my life and how I respond in situations of anxiousness or unrest. I plan to incorporate this practice into my pilates teaching. Bea challenged my mindset and the perspective in which I can go about a situation, opening my eyes to possibilities far beyond the obvious. You don't want to miss out on knowing this special lady, she has a true gift. She has changed the way I view meditation and I honestly would tune into her every single day."


Sinead Ball
22, Pilates Instructor. Melbourne, Australia

"I have had a meditation practice for a handful of years and have experienced guided meditations from leaders like eckhart tolle and Marianne Williamson. Bea's meditation immediately put me into a relaxing and recovering trance that I was unable to find with others. She has a natural gift and a great personality, I cant wait to see how far she takes this path of meditation and coaching!"


JT Barnett
28, Former Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Personal Trainer.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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