What is manifestation? What is the law of attraction?

Let’s simplify it: The law of attraction is the universal principle that YOU WILL ATTRACT WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTH. Manifestation happens when you create a reality from your desires.

The Manifestation Mastermind Course is built around rewiring the subconscious, raising your self worth and removing the limiting beliefs.


The pain, shame, abandonment, or trauma we faced throughout life creates a foundation of low self worth that lives on the subconscious level. In order to surpass limited beliefs, The Manifestation Mastermind Course must reprogram your thinking.

What is this about?


This is an application for a 3-month program only for individuals that are committed to their dreams, goals and community. 


You will learn to rewire your mind, the essence of human connection, access your power zone, the manifestation formula and many other lessons with a special tribe that will support you through this journey.




This course is for you if you want to….

  • Change Your Life

  • Unblock Limiting Beliefs

  • ​Unblock Your Purpose

  • ​Manifest More Wealth, Happiness, Love, Success

  • Belong To A Group Of Open-Minded People

  • Make Yourself Accountable For Your Goals and Dreams

  • Reprogram Your Mind To Success In All Areas Of Your Life

  • ​Master Your Relationships

  • ​Be More Present And Experience Joy In Your Life

  • ​Tune Into Your Intuition...


People who have worked with me…

"Since hiring Bea as a mindset and meditation coach, my business has evolved immensely. Her ability to inspire her clients to step outside of their comfort zones is unmatched. Her true care for every client that she works with is the key to her impact. Her guided meditations are powerful enough to take you through a spiritual journey in one session. Her methods of improving mindset are clear, concise, and effective. I can't imagine my business being successful without her."

Nick Paganelli
29, Speaker and Mindset Coach. New York, NY, USA

"Bea empowered me and coached me through seeing some of the most challenging experiences in my life as beautiful opportunities. Her ability to have you see such trying and hard times as a positive is really an incredible and impactful shift. Bea is incredibly supportive, kind and caring, and fully invested in you! She is not only a coach but she is a friend and you always feel how genuine she is and how much she cares. I feel blessed to know her and know that I can always count on her to lift me up and guide me.”

Jill Gulotta
40, Owner of Jill Gulotta, LLC Divorce Coach. New York, NY, USA

"Being guided through meditation with Bea has been a unique experience that has truly impacted the way I go about my life and how I respond in situations of anxiousness or unrest. I plan to incorporate this practice into my pilates teaching. Bea challenged my mindset and the perspective in which I can go about a situation, opening my eyes to possibilities far beyond the obvious. You don't want to miss out on knowing this special lady, she has a true gift. She has changed the way I view meditation and I honestly would tune into her every single day."

Sinead Ball
23, Pilates Instructor. Melbourne, Australia

"I have had a meditation practice for a handful of years and have experienced guided meditations from leaders like eckhart tolle and Marianne Williamson. Bea's meditation immediately put me into a relaxing and recovering trance that I was unable to find with others. She has a natural gift and a great personality, I cant wait to see how far she takes this path of meditation and coaching!"

JT Barnett
29, Former Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Personal Trainer.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.



10x 90 minute
recorded coaching group call

Private 1:1 Intuition Coaching session with our in house Intuition Coach

2 Privates 1:1 Thetahealing sessions

Private Facebook group


Private messenger group and support


Meet your coach Bea


🇧🇷 Hello from Brazil, I’m Bea, and I’m honored to be your Mindset & Manifestation coach.

Since I was 12 years old, I’ve understood the power of LIVE guided
meditation. I used to write them for close friends and called it “Relaxation Session”.
At 25, I started integrating meditation into my daily routine and studying how the practice could rewire the brain to help with stress, anxiety, presence and so much more.

After 10 years as a marketing professional where I worked in sales and benefitted from leadership and professional development programs, I decided to shift my focus to full-time coaching, focusing on mentoring others in meditation, manifestation, mindset and hypnobreathwork.

Today, I work with clients 1:1 or in a group setting through programs like the 7-day meditation challenge, weekly Meditation Membership, and The Manifestation Course where my clients get to experience live customized meditations and breathwork that support their day-to-day lives.
"The Manifestation Academy” is created to help others with the practice of manifestation and materialization of desires and dreams.