Are you experiencing a plateau in your business or life right now? Do you want to clear the confusion, and doubts, and release what is holding you back to continue your healing journey?

Join us for the FREE 5-Day ThetaBreathwork™ Challenge!

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This challenge invites you to unfold what is divine within you.

It will invite new beginnings, purity and presence into your life.

This is your opportunity to find the infinite potential for enlightenment from your heart.


Be a safe experience for human beings to transmute limitations into empowerment, lack of vision into clarity, and the barriers of yourself into freedom, so that you can receive the ideas, insights, and guidance needed to easily move forward in YOUR life’s mission.

What to expect in only 5 days...

  • Release emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and old behaviors that are holding you back,
  • Access your creative self and BE IN FLOW with life,
  • Get clear on new ideas, next steps, relationships, and more
  • Embody your most confident and bold self,
  • Finally, get crystal clear on how to move forward and the decisions you want to make.
Take your energy from feeling STUCK to ELECTRIC⚡️.



There is no better time than NOW.


Who is the 5-Day ThetaBreathwork™ Challenge for?

  • You're an evolving leader who wants to get a clear vision and take action
  • You're a Coach, Therapist, Dietitian, Personal Trainer, or Health & Wellness Advocate feeling a plateau and/or feeling stuck with what's next for you
  • You want to have deeper understanding of your own limitations and the framework to regulate yourself and your clients/community
  • You ​want to create a higher energy for yourself and others around you
  • You absolutely love waking up every day with the freedom to call the shots on how you want to work and the fulfillment of using your gifts to create a life-transforming impact for others
  • You have a strong desire to help clients and community develop Emotional Regulation and Mental Clarity

Imagine creating results like these:


Are you ready to follow the fire in your gut and serve the world in alignment with your life-mission?


What you’ll get

5 guided ThetaBreathwork™ sessions  

Early bird access to other programs

A surprise gift!


Meet the Founder

 Beatriz Boas


Bea's always been an enthusiastic about getting to know people on a deeper level and helping them to reconnect with their essence.

In her personal quest of seeking purpose in life, she experienced a variety of healing techniques. Although all of them contributed in some way to her journey, she always felt like there was a missing piece.

She felt inspired to combine different techniques, such as ThetaHealing, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Mindset Coaching, Meditation and others in a attempt to fulfill that integration gap she identified in these techniques separately.

This gave birth to a whole new experience with a massive transformative power, what we know today as ThetaBreathwork™.

Bea has made ThetaBreathwork™  her life's mission, and she is committed to sharing this technique all around the world, to as many people as possible.