A new method to help you heal unprocessed emotions from the root,
be more intuitive & aligned with yourself to create the life YOU want.
The Thetabreathwork is a combination of Thetahealing®, breathwork, and hypnosis.
You will experience a clearance of energetic patterns.
You will be able to reprogram subconscious beliefs and
find new neural pathways for sustainable behavior change.
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Thetabreathwork private session is a personalized experience that will help you change your state of consciousness, leaving behind stress, confusion, and disbelief—reaching clarity, heightened creativity, and new neural connections.
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ThetaBreathwork™ membership is a monthly group session where you can participate with others in an extraordinary and powerful TBW™ session. Besides, you will have access to guided meditations that will help you connect yourself with your intuition and your subconscious, activating different parts of your brain.
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Welcome to your ThetaBreathwork™ resources! You will find a variety of sessions on this page designed to help you expand your consciousness, develop your flow state, access your creativity, master manifestation, let go of stress, negative emotions & more.
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If you feel your team needs a step forward, you are in the right place.
This unique workshop will help you and your team become more creative and empowered.
Through this workshop, you and your team will be able to align goals and objectives in a conscious way.
Your team will be: less stressed, more productive, and more creative.
On top of that, you'll provide well-being to every single person on the team.
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"One transformational breathwork session is equivalent to two years of psychotherapy." 


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"I've never experienced anything quite like ThetaBreathwork. The combination of breathe, sound, and imagery guidance by Bea is powerful beyond explanation. The ability to surface the inner-workings of the subconscious mind in a matter of minutes is brilliant. I am so grateful that Bea introduced me to this work as it has guided me through powerful, life-changing shifts."


Shelby Sanderford
29, CEO & Founder. New Orleans, LA, USA

"Bea is truly a special soul and makes you feel so comfortable, especially in a thetabreathwork type of setting. I was able to release negative and toxic energy and thoughts through inhaling oxygen and exhaling all the “bad” that has been consuming my thoughts. Bea’s spirit and relatability is contagious and I would recommend her sessions to all those who need kickstart."


Victoria Daly
29, Account Executive, Digital Sales. Connecticut, USA

"Thetabreathwork with Bea is a 12/10 experience. She serves as a great guide for your intuition finally be heard in a loud and busy world. It's not easy to slow down and take the time to breath, let alone uncover & break subconscious blocks, but Bea helps you do just that in her work."


Cory Camp
26, Coach. Maryland, USA

"Wow! This was so powerful! Beatriz brought me within a few minutes to a state where I got out of so much clarity and power. I woke up as If I was gone a few months on a personal quest, more ready than ever to live up to my full potential! A MUST try!"


Jakub Szrodt
33, Creative / Entrepreneur. Poland



The real magic about Manifestation is not in the affirmations, vision boards, or all the "tips" we see out there. Manifestation is about getting aligned with your true-self. It is about connecting with your pure core essence and doing the work. And that's the foundation to manifest anything you want


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Reduced stress, tension, or constriction

Feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, connection

Release of traumas, and emotional blocks

Release of anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and/or anger

Access to unconscious memories relevant to your healing

Deeper states of consciousness and inspiration

Downloads about your work, finances, relationships, health conditions

"Controlled breathing can change the response of the body’s autonomic nervous system, which controls unconscious processes such as heart rate and digestion as well as the body’s stress response, says Dr. Richard Brown, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and co-author of “The Healing Power of the Breath.”
Consciously changing the way you breathe appears to send a signal to the brain to adjust the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, which can slow heart rate and digestion and promote feelings of calm as well as the sympathetic system, which controls the release of stress hormones like cortisol."  The New York Times



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