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A main differentiator of ThetaBreathwork™ is that you feel it working within minutes. Instead of putting all your time and energy into thinking, "Is this working?" you'll put all your time and energy into building a lasting foundation of higher self-worth, accessing flow state, creativity and creating a more meaningful impact. 

It's more active and intentional.


A 30-minute ThetaBreathwork™ session designed to get clarity in your purpose and mission. 

You will explore alternate states of consciousness for new insights, solutions, and extreme alignment in your purpose. 

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Flow State & Create

A 30-minute session designed to get you into a flow state for concentrated creativity, excitement, and focused energy.

We are reprogramming the neurocircuitry in your brain and the chemistry of your body to take intuitive action.

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Release & Heal

This is the MUST-TRY session for releasing all types of stress, anxieties and traumas. 

This is an experiential journey that can tear, heal, and release stuck, stagnant, and unprocessed emotions.



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Get ready for a powerful manifestation session. 


This is a 30-minute Thetabreathwork™ recorded session to change energetic patterns, reprogram subconscious blocks, and use visioning to manifest what you most desire.
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